Chiron Summer Curriculum Courses

Comments from Previous Participants:

Early Childhood

"Powerful and profound entry into the issues of being a human being, a human parent. A strong message, embodiment, call to be people of integrity and courage -- live life with a purpose, embrace present strength, 'step up to the plate' as a reflective, and therefore compassionate, ego. Early education here is not about memorizing their skill development, but about the parent becoming human in order to receive and lead the children into humanity."

"I came to Chiron to add strength to my family's foundation and I gained just that as well as a welcomed vulnerability within myself."

"The presence of just two days at Chiron carries the potential of a gift of a lifetime."

"It is so amazing that the content of the conference can apply to everyone present and can reach them at whatever point they are on a spectrum."

"I applaud you for not being afraid to ask the tough questions or to give the unpopular answers."

"I feel that the course challenged me to rise to a new level of centredness and accountability for my sake and for my children's."

"It is wonderful to see twice as many men as last year."

"Thank you for your committment to preserving childhood -- you've re-inspired us on our path as parents."

"The course wasn't what I expected or anticipated and that was brilliant because what I learned is far greater and the outcome was much more profound than simply learning some curriculum."

"It gives parents the opportunity, if they can grab it, to further develop personally in order to be a teacher to a child an grow as a person as the child grows."

"While I am aware of anthroposphy to a very small degree (I now realize), this weekend has put it in a light I can understand. And while I knew how home life should be, this gave me the practical tools to implement it. At the same time, it has made me really look into myself to figure out and question what's going on with me that keeps holding me back. Am I so afraid to believe in what I know to be good just so I won't offend the mainstream people around where I live?"

"I appreciate your style of speaking frankly and challenging us. I appreciated the clarity and confidence of the speaker who led us through a journey that had scope and sequence that could be applied immediately to our own individual circumstances."

"Thank you for all of the great thoughts and for confirming that life can be beautiful if we choose to make it so."

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to finally get to explore and digest the deep underpinnings of human relationships (with self, spouse, child, community, nature). I feel so blessed to have been with you Gene and with all the other adults this weekend. I feel that this course has enriched me on my journey through life tremendously and I'm so excited because my relationship with my husband, my children and the world has become clearer to me. I'm inspired to make the world a more beautiful place -- something I didn't think I had the ability to do before."

"Chiron adds meaning to life, now and in the future."

"Every person should have to engage in a course like this before having children."

"I've learned more about myself in these past two days -- about how I interact in relationships -- this will be valuable to me as a parent and teacher."

"Very inspiring and exciting ideas come up which helped me to see things in a new way and appreciate the importance of a child's environment and space."

"I go back with so many beautiful things to enrich my family life."

"Loved the course. Got me back in touch with a lot of values that I've had forever but have forgotten because of commercialism."

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful ECE Intensive. Your loving and no-nonsense approach to teaching children is refreshing, and I know that they respect that attitude far more than any other I have encountered.”

“Presentation warm and from the heart…you obviously know what you’re talking about and exude confidence and a passion for your work.”

“You’ve opened my eyes in a multitude of ways- I’m filled with an eagerness to learn more about Steiner’s philosophies…filter them through and apply them in a thoughtful way to help teach myself and my family about love, respect, reverence and wonder. It was a weekend thick with ideas that will last a very long time. It’s been delightful meeting you, seeing you in action, and being totally amused by your humour.”

“I feel it is a great milestone in the beginning for all home educators.”

“I found this conference an amazing eye-opener and will cherish every moment.”

“Oh, my gosh! Tons of information - it will take me a long time to digest it all but I am so hungry for more. I think you are amazing - so much knowledge - it comes right out of your pores and I love the way you present it - so much fun, entertaining, funny.”

"a call for personal transformation and a profound journey anchored in the unfolding gifting relationship with the child."

"expressions of love and beauty at its best"

"Timely information and foundation/guiding principles passed on to us from an extremely experienced, seasoned, well-rounded, grounded program director."

"I came to Chiron to learn how to help my daughter with her growing learning issues but found I also learned so much about myself. It has helped me strengthen my relationship with my husband and therefore will strengthen our family unit."

Grades Curriculum Intensives

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for the Chiron conference I attended in July. It was inspirational and life-changing not only for me but for my family and home as well."

"Working so much on my own, I can only describe my experience with the teachers as if I were seeing colour for the first time after having only read about it before."

"I came out to Chiron to get specific ideas on how to teach the next grade. I am leaving with a much richer understanding of why this is such important work. This has been a perfectly timed opening of doors for my personal growth."

"Wow! -- where to begin? I'm leaving with more questions than I had when I arrived but I'm starting to carry the larger questions. And I'm anxious to ask these in my existing community. This entire program is ever so much more than curriculum planning!"

"Thank you for a most inspiring three days! Such a wonderful team you put together -- warm, helpful, grounded, generous, inspiring teachers ready to share all of their gifts with us. These three days have given me such confidence and now I face the year ahead with eagerness and enthusiasm."

"Though I study, read, think about, and discuss many of these concepts over the year, coming to Chiron allows me to put together the knowledge, confidence and energy to take my work to the next level, and not only gather but begin to put together what is needed for my children as well as myself, family and community for the next year."

"I was thinking: How am I going to get through a year of homeschooling without Chiron?"

"The insights into Steiner's method of teaching were huge awakenings for me. That teaching revolves around the teacher's own spiritual journey while leading and aiding children to start their own journeys is a beautiful concept."

"What a great privilege to walk with these committed and strong people these last few days. There are so many highlights of this program that it would be difficult to enumerate them all. I sense the 'real-ness' of this community -- the striving to bring and facilitate the best in their children. The beautiful witness of those who have engaged in this work for many years is the most powerful teaching."

"Thank you for 'meeting' us as students where we were each at. Finally able to grasp the uniqueness of a Steiner education."

"Chiron blesses myself and my family with endless models of how to remember to revere the world. The beauty and the mystery and the awe in both nature and humanity are always upheld."

"You clearly respect the strivings of the parents who attend Chiron."

"This was my first conference and I am relatively new to Waldorf education. My dearest Chiron staff, thank you for your smiles, energy and encouragement. You have uplifted me in so many ways as a person -- to examine my own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and to connect first with myself -- after carrying and wearing so many different 'hats' over the years and being a mother to three young children -- that has been lost. Thank you for helping me to reclaim myself."

"The things I felt very drawn to were child development and discipline because after getting myself more grounded and getting my house in order I know now that I must reclaim my authority in the home. I cannot go forward with my higher purpose without all these things. This to me is of utmost importance if all of the other subject areas, and home schooling in general, will ever work."

"At the end of the three days, I feel enriched beyond my wildest dreams. I feel as though my cup is full as it has never been before. My mind, body and soul have been fed and I am fairly bursting with energy and ideas that I will take home to my family and out into the world."

"All my children are so deserving of this understanding."

"It is good to know that there is this kind of holistic, spiritual, beautiful education in our world today!"

"I am a newcomer to Chiron and I am amazed, humbled, and deeply grateful to all the people who give so generously, graciously, and warmly of themselves to help, guide, and fill me with the spiritual strength required to homeschool."

"I came with the expectation of having everything I need for lessons planned out by the time I left for home. I gained so much more. My confidence to do this work with the children is now in place."

"I am so happy to receive such a gathering of knowledge and wisdom."

“I just want to thank you for everything you have done for our family. I am truly a better person for it…which means that my family is a better family.”

“I have looked for months on the internet spending hours at a time to find exactly what I wanted, and Chiron exceeded my expectations. The group made me feel welcome even though I thought I might be somewhat of an outsider not having any formal training on the subject. I always wondered if there were any good teachers left. I believe they must all be in this system! My idea of what teaching should be has been presented here. I found everything to be profound, inspiring, motivating and such a learning experience.”

“The greatest gift of all? Your ability, motivation and commitment to calling us all forward- individually and as a group, for our own development and also on behalf of our family.”

“What I am bringing home lives within me…you all will be with me all year.”
“Thank you for not just providing ideas, but actually handing us the tools to shape our children’s lives.”

“Anthroposophical background and artistic development were excellent and necessary.”

"I have received what I have been wanting for ages now! I received such awareness and mental and spiritual openings starting with the opening lecture! I feel equipped for the year."

"Excellent info-sharing from appropriate experienced teachers to provide for well-rounded curriculum for Waldorf homeschoolers. Format gave enough info for beginners and also had room for others to explore subjects in more depth. Extremely highly recommended to all who endeavour to homeschool and to those interested in exploring Waldorf/Steiner philosophies and principles."

"This has been an amazing experience, particularly due to two things: the focus on inner development (vs simply content) and the genuine dedication of the teachers involved. In deep gratitude..."

"I cannot count how many times in the past three days I have felt chills in anticipation of the coming year with both my son and the group of children I will be leading. I'm feeling the excitement of a child but with the strength and authority of a progressing adult."

"This accomplished two goals/needs for me: a) renewal, revitalization, adult development b) preparation for the next teaching year."

"I feel gratitude that I was able to drink from this cup of wisdom and light."

"The quality of the listening and 'big picture' is nothing short of awesome."

"Here a vacuum was filled. I was met. My obligation of providing loving authority to my children was beautifully understood, respected and reinforced. I appreciate that the most. What makes this course, this work so special -- profound even -- is the spiritual groundwork, the higher-ground underpinnings so movingly, urgently presented."